Hydrology & Stormwater Management

Current Activity
This research area is led by Dr Virginia Stovin, of the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering. Virginia is an urban drainage engineer, with a long-standing interest in the role that SUDS – and retrofit SUDS – need to play in stormwater management. Green roofs provide source control for rainfall, retaining some of the rainfall and attenuating the remaining runoff.

Urban drainage engineers need to quantify these processes in order to accurately model flood and pollution control in urban catchments, and it is clear that a roof’s performance will vary in response to local climatic inputs and to roof configuration variables, such as the type and depth of substrate, slope and vegetation.

The main objective of our green roof research is to quantify – and develop models to predict – the runoff arising from green roofs in response to a range of design and routine rainfall events. The ultimate goal is to develop a generic modelling tool, which predicts runoff directly from rainfall inputs and selected key physical configuration parameters. We are conducting fundamental research into substrate and drainage layer hydrological performance, using a range of instrumented test plots, full-scale roofs and laboratory experiments. Evapotranspiration (ET) determines the rate at which a roof regains its moisture retention capacity; hence much of our current research effort focuses specifically on the identification of suitable ET values for unmonitored roofs.Please follow the links below for further information, or contact v.stovin@sheffield.ac.uk
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