Dr Virginia Stovin
Dr Virginia Stovin is a senior lecturer in the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering. Her full profile may be found here. She was appointed a lecturer in 1995, after spending the previous three years as a research assistant in the Department. Originally a Geography graduate from the University of Manchester, her main research interests are in the fields of urban drainage, SUDS (sustainable drainage systems) and green roofs. Over the last 10 years she has led UK initiatives aimed at introducing retrofit SUDS as an effective, multi-beneficiary alternative to underground piped drainage systems. Green roofs provide one element in the SUDS toolbox, and she is keen to better-understand, quantify and model their stormwater management potential.

Gianni Vesuviano
Gianni is studying aspects of the build-up or construction of green roof systems, in particular the role of the drainage layer in the roof hydrological performance. He contributes to research on rainwater runoff from green roofs and water holding capacity of green roof substrates.

Hartini Kasmin
Hartini was a PhD student in the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering from 2006-2010. Supervised by Virginia Stovin, her research focused on the hydrological performance of green roofs. Her research has generated a long-term rainfall-runoff monitoring record from a 1 x 3 m test bed, and has fed into the preliminary development of a green roof hydrological modelling approach.
As part of this, new methods for estimating evaporative losses – which are responsible for the recharge of rainfall retention capacity – have been considered. A real-time display of the outputs from this system can be found here.

Simon Poë
Simon is a part-time PhD student focusing on the hydrological performance of green roofs, supervised by Virginia Stovin. His work focuses on the effects that different substrates and planting choices have on the roof’s rainfall retention and detention performance characteristics.