The potential to retrofit sustainable drainage systems to address combined sewer
 overflow discharges in the Thames Tideway catchment
Stovin V., Moore S., Ashley R. and Wall M. 2013

Experience of retrofitting sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) in the United Kingdom is limited, and there are no well-established procedures for evaluating the feasibility, value or cost-effectiveness of doing this, particularly at the catchment scale. This paper demonstrates a two-phase process for evaluating the potential to retrofit SuDS to address combined sewer discharges in three subcatchments within the Thames Tideway catchment of London. The first phase evaluates what might be achieved with various levels of disconnection (‘global’ disconnection scenarios) using hydraulic models, while the second phase considers how disconnection might practically be achieved. High levels of disconnection are technically possible but practicably difficult. In selected cases, and with aggressive implementation of SuDS, combined sewer overflow CSO discharges could potentially be eliminated or reduced to acceptable levels without the need for any modifications to underground assets. However, retrofit SuDS could not eliminate the requirement for some form of sewer modification in any subcatchments.

doi: 10.1111/j.1747-6593.2012.00353.x