Current Members

Dr Virginia Stovin
Virginia was appointed a lecturer at the University of Sheffield in 1995, after spending the previous three years as a research assistant in the Department. Originally a Geography graduate from the University of Manchester, Virginia's current research focuses on Urban Stormwater Management and Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS). Virginia is specifically interested in the technical performance of SuDS (particularly green roofs and ponds) and on strategic SuDS retrofitting. Virginia's work is aimed at understanding the processes that control the quantity and quality of urban runoff in order to develop fit-for-purpose models of those processes and generate novel strategies to enable stormwater to be managed more effectively/sustainably.

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Previous Members

Dr Simon De-Ville
Originally an undergraduate Civil Engineering student at the University of Sheffield, Simon found himself drawn to the science and research elements of engineering. As a result, he undertook a PhD under the supervision of Virginia Stovin and Manoj Menon. The project, entitled 'Hydrological Performance Evolution of Extensive Green Roof Systems' explored the effects of ageing on green roof hydrological performance.

Dr Simon Poë

Simon Poë is the Business Operations Director at Alumasc Exterior Building Products. With a background in roofing and drainage, Simon is a member of the Technical Advisory Group of the UK’s green roof trade association, GRO, and has worked on some major national and international roofing projects, including Centre Court at Wimbledon. Simon was also a part‐time PhD candidate at the University of Sheffield, where he researched the hydrological response of green roofs. Project overview.

Dr Jia Yuan
Department of Landscape, co-supervised by Prof. Nigel Dunnett.
'Investigating the Planting Potential for Urban Rain Gardens: Plant Selection, Establishment and Performance'
Jia's PhD (available here) focused on plant selection for rain gardens. A paper describing one aspect of this work is shortly to be published in the Urban Water Journal.
Jia is now a tutor in the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Chongqing University.

Dr Gianni Vesuviano
Gianni successfully completed his PhD on "A Two-Stage Runoff Detention Model for a Green Roof" in 2013/14. His work generated novel laboratory data to characterise the independent detention processes associated with green roof substrates and drainage board components. Some of his research was undertaken as a seconded researcher with Zinco in Stuttgart, Germany, as part of our Marie-Curie IAPP 'Green Roof Systems' project
Gianni now works for CEH Wallingford.

Dr Christian Berretta
Christian joined the green roof research group as an Experienced Researcher for the Marie-Curie IAPP 'Green Roof Systems' project. He has now moved to Leeds where he holds the position of Academic Research Fellow.
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Dr Hartini Kasmin
Hartini was a PhD student in the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering from 2006-2010. Supervised by Virginia Stovin, her research was the first project at Sheffield to focus on the hydrological performance of green roofs. Her research has generated a long-term rainfall-runoff monitoring record from a 1 x 3 m test bed, and has fed into the preliminary development of a green roof hydrological modelling approach.